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Lyrics Combee


Hoe is so busted,

Hoe is so crusty,

then this b*tches is my son

And I want custody

…Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom boom badoom boom baby! Got that super bass

### I Want ROCK MUSICC..

Neon Trees, The Wanted, All Time Low, Paramore,Weslife

———————> Pls release a song that have a great impact. Ryt now.. Like NOW!

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I have a dog, her name is Angel. Oh do you have a dog too? She's lookin' for a hot dog!
I don't have hotdog.
I mean male dog

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A secret can be kept
by just a person, who knows?
If two of ‘em are dead
Richard’s Poor Almanac

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Faith is a Fine Invention
where no one can see,
but microscopes are prudent
in an emergency
Emily Dickinson